Employee Spotlight: Kathy Burroughs celebrates 25 years with UV&S

When accounts receivable clerk Kathy Burroughs first started at Underground Vaults & Storage all of the invoices were still typed by hand. Her first paycheck was in the first computer-generated payroll. UV&S has grown a lot since then, and the types of materials clients store in the mine have began a major shift from hard copy to digital.
Kathy started her career at UV&S after applying for a secretarial job that she didnʼt really want and ending up getting the accounting job she really did want. Her first trip down into the mine ended up being a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment as an updraft from the mineshaft wrapped her skirt around her head. It took her a while to live that down, but weʼre happy to help her relive the moment.
An avid history buff, Kathy was excited when she was invited to witness the opening of a crate of very old newspapers being stored in the mine. The first paper she saw had a front-page story of The Monitor and The Merrimac, the first iron clad warships of the American Civil War. One paper reporting the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is now on display at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.
Kathy and her husband have recently moved into a new home and are happily busy with the obligatory projects that seem to accompany new homes. They have five children and 11 grandchildren, three of whom are in the military.
Congratulations Kathy for 25 great years with Underground Vaults & Storage.