Take advantage of National Preparedness Month

Preparedness is something we take very seriously. Day in and day out, our team’s major focus is on keeping the many critical documents, files and artifacts that we store safe so that our clients are prepared for the worst. We think preparedness is important and, apparently, we are not alone: President Obama has proclaimed September 2011 as National Preparedness Month.

We encourage you to take time this month to review your organization’s preparedness plans. You can start by reading our previous post on emergency planning.

Analyze your current document management and security processes from the perspective of these three core areas:

1) Storage needs – What records and materials are you currently storing and which space and environmental issues need to be addressed?

2) Management – What is process for document and material organization, retrieval and destruction?

3) Access – Who needs access to your critical records and how is that access determined and managed?

Addressing these key areas will go a long way towards ensuring that your organization is prepared.

Visit the official FEMA National Preparedness Month website to become a part of the national emergency preparedness effort.