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Take the proactive approach and protect your business by creating a well thought out business continuity and disaster recovery plan. Nearly 90% of businesses without a plan will fold within 6 months after experiencing a major incident. UV&S has multiple solutions to make sure this does not happen to you.

Business continuity planning is a multi-step process that includes all of the essential functions to remain operational. A disaster recovery plan is an important component and we can help you find the right solution to ensure you do not experience a major data loss. We have technology experts and Certified Records Managers (CRM) offering consulting services so you don’t miss any details.

Our Solutions Architect can guide you to the digital backup solution you need by determining how much space you need, when the backups should occur, and where the backups need to be saved. We also offer our own cloud service with DR options that may work for your business.
From objective-setting to Business Impact Analysis (BIA), and formulating strategies to defining and assigning tasks, our CRM’s training and experience is available as well. We can evaluate your current storage and data tape vaulting needs and recommend services to meet those needs efficiently and securely.

UV&S has the unique ability to store important data in our underground facilities, our climate-controlled media vaults, and our data center. If it needs to be kept safe, we have the best place for it.

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Underground Storage
Our underground storage facility is virtually impervious to natural and manmade disaster. Its atmosphere is cool, dry, and stable.
Media Vaults
Your media will benefit from temperature, humidity and filtration controls, online climate monitoring, 2-hour fire rated doors and walls, and dry fire suppression.
Data Center
Our data center has multiple redundancies, constant monitoring, and security providing reliable access to your network and critical systems.
Our Cloud Service that automatically backs up your data to itself and to a remote server along with providing the ability to work remotely.
Courier Services
Economical data tape rotation services ensure your backups are up to date and in the event of an incident or disaster, back in your hands quickly.
Your data is a financial asset, make sure it is backed up and accessible. Then test your backups to ensure they are there when you need them.
Disaster Recovery
Be prepared for natural disasters, cyber attacks, hardware failures, file corruption, theft, and human error with our line of services.


Disaster Recovery Services

Vital to compliance efforts

Faster return to business as usual

All Data Storage – tapes, CDs, digital, USB drives

Geographically separates vital information

Protects from natural and manmade disaster

Consulting Services


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Above ground, underground, temperature and humidity controlled, records and media, rotations, retrieval, disaster recovery plans and more. Let’s talk about what you need.
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