Secure Storage and Continued Growth Since 1959

For over 60 years, UV&S has operated as a service-oriented records storage company, adding new services through the years to meet our client’s needs. We provide all services required when using offsite storage for paper and media, multiple IT services, secure shredding, and event services.

Founded by a group of Wichita, Kansas businessmen who foresaw the need for a secure location to protect and manage information, UV&S incorporated on June 11, 1959. Numerous sights nationwide were evaluated, then the salt mine in Hutchinson, Kansas, was selected. Factors including, but not limited to, the geographically central site, the security and environment inherent in a mine 650 feet below the earth’s surface, and the unlimited space this active mine could provide for expansion and business development made it their first choice. Known in the industry as an early entrant in the offsite records management field, UV&S is still a privately owned and operated company. Many of the original families continue in the management and direction of our company.

With over a half-century of established business practice, we have grown from our flagship salt mine facility to multiple facilities in four states and the United Kingdom. Growth came by opening new records centers and destruction facilities and through acquisitions. Our three underground facilities located in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky, as well as our facilities in the UK specialize in film storage for the movie industry.

With each new facility and acquisition, UV&S is strengthened to continue growing by adding new products and services that help our clients solve their business problems. We stand ready to meet your needs with our mix of underground and above ground storage facilities, data center and IT services, NAID Certified destruction services, media recycling, event services, a wholly owned fleet of transportation vehicles, and well-proven procedures and technology.

1959 Hutchinson, Kansas – The Salt Mine
1985 Topeka, Kansas
1986 Kansas City, Missouri – Limestone Mine
1987 Wichita, Kansas
2001 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2003 Louisville, Kentucky – Limestone Mine
2014 Document Resources acquisition, 4 facilities in Kansas
2016 Concergent IT acquisition, Secure Data Center located in Wichita, Kansas
2018 DH Media Solutions acquisition, 3 facilities in the United Kingdom
2019 Corner Post Holdings acquisition, cloud services
2019 Media Servicing acquisition, 5 storage facilities in the United Kingdom
2021 LandShark Shredding acquisition, 1 facility in Kentucky
2021 Los Angeles, California (this location operated by UVSINC LLC)
2023 DCE/Paramount 4 acquisition, supporting facilities for Event Services in Berkshire, United Kingdom and Cannes, France


We proudly support Strataca, located in Hutchinson, Kansas. The underground museum is operated by the Reno County Historical Society and is unlike any other museum in the United States. Visitors to the salt museum enjoy a trip 650 feet below ground where they board a tram that takes them to over 100,000 square feet of galleries. One gallery has items UV&S has loaned the museum from some of our Hollywood clients. 




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