UV&S has always believed in providing the services businesses need to succeed, and exceptional customer service to go along with them. Many of our customers choose us because we assure them we will maintain their privacy, never sharing information without their permission. Here are a few comments from clients who offered to share their experiences.

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“Since 2012, UV&S has continually provided first-class IT and data center services for our organization. They have outstanding technical resources and are responsive to our needs. Most recently, their performance during a time of crisis was exceptional. I would highly recommend you call UV&S if you are in need.”

Kansas Masonic Home

“I appreciate the professionalism of UV&S staff, the processes they have set up to manage our technology needs, and their fast response times. When I need to purchase technology, they are there to advise me, make the purchases for me, and install the equipment. Most of all, I appreciate that my business technology has minimal downtime under the care of UV&S.”

Carol Skaff
Cohlmia Marketing

“I recently fell victim to an email spoofing scam. Anymore I’m usually my own IT guy but because this issue was so advanced and quickly escalating, I decided to call UV&S, whom I’ve had a great history with. I have a well-established relationship with and trust the technician who resolved this problem. Though this was a complicated issue, he presented a ‘never give up’ attitude, drilled down and figured it out. This could have reeked much more havoc and caused serious problems if it hadn’t been for the quick response time and resolution from UV&S.”

Brad Haddock
Haddock Law

“Our backups were manual, inconsistent and far from disaster-proof before we started working with UV&S. They implemented a hybrid backup solution and now our backups are automatic, regular and absolutely disaster-proof. We can always trust that our critical data and processes will be available if and when we need them. We get quick response times to our inquiries/service calls as well as expert service and advice. Most importantly, they provide us with absolute peace of mind. With UV&S handling our IT, we can focus on our core business. We would recommend UV&S to anyone considering IT services, regardless of how large or small your business is.”

Troy Hagerman
Anderson Management

“I trust UV&S to protect our important documents and keep our computer systems up and running. For far less than we would pay to have an IT department of our own, UV&S provides high level service and support, 24/7. They understand our business and always have solutions that make sense.”

Susan Armstrong
Armstrong Chamberlin

“I’ve used UV&S IT for 6 years. Great knowledge base, quick turnaround, fair prices, and always courteous to my staff and I. Thanks, UV&S.”

Randy Elam
Randall Elam Law Office

“I checked out other IT companies before UV&S and there was no comparison. I wouldn’t host my business anywhere else and I’d highly recommend UV&S to any other business.”

Angela Wright
Answer Advantage

“Within 20 minutes of my call, David was on-site and working on getting our servers back up. They shut down due to overheating in the server room. A/C unit stopped working over the weekend. Thank you for your quick service in getting us back up again!!”

Tim McGrath

“We’ve worked with UV&S for over 10 years and they’re truly invaluable to our business. They make us feel like we’re their only customer. We have peace of mind when it comes to IT. I am happy to recommend the friendly and knowledgeable folks at UV&S to any business.”

Don Konecny
Klassic Trailer Sales Inc.

“All the way through the process of upgrading our servers, everyone I worked with at UV&S was very conscientious about being responsible when it came to cost and needs. They were exceedingly accommodating to work within our schedule, even when we changed things on them. I feel that they had our best interest in mind as we went through this process and took the time to help us understand things if we didn’t. Each person we worked with was honest, genuine, and exceptionally knowledgeable in their area. We never doubted rather we made the right choice in working with them. “

Linette Koranda
USD #206

“The staff at UV&S is really good at what they do; I have implicit faith in their technological abilities. They’re also easy to get along with. It’s always a pleasure dropping by the office and visiting.”

J.B. Kaufman
author and historian

“Their assistance during the installation of our copier was very responsive, quick and kept the process moving forward. Thanks so much Ken!”

Marilyn Holloway
Cohlmia Marketing

“When we were ready to start our project, we bid the services to find a vendor. Our Purchasing Policy requires us to give preference to businesses in Reno County and UV&S won project. We were not familiar with them at that time but they have been great to work with and I have been very pleased with the process. They have not taken up a lot of my time or tried to sell us things we did not need. We believe they have our best interests in mind and trust Barb and Linda to get us what we need when we need it. We would not hesitate to refer other schools or businesses to UV&S for their technology needs.”

Adam Jefferson
Hutchinson Community College

“We contacted UV&S because the colo-facility we were using for our server farm was having mechanical issues. Dan was extremely gracious and always available during the process of moving. It was also a plus to be able to drive into the Farm Credit Bank Building dock to unload our servers because it was the middle of winter and extremely cold. Working with the staff is like partnering with the best technical support available in this region. David’s expertise is unparalleled.”

Paul Farmer

“I’ve known Dan since before he launched UV&S Technology. Prior to working at LodgeWorks I reached out for his help for my SaaS business and received top-notch service and support. So it was an easy decision to re-engage UV&S after I took the IT helm at LodgeWorks. UV&S’s valuable consulting on our voice and data network infrastructure has been a huge benefit to us. It’s quite a relief knowing a team with such competent and skilled IT professionals is available in Wichita when you need them. My team and I sleep much better knowing they have our backs.”

John Kay

“UV&S did an excellent job helping to set up a tunnel with a cell phone carrier. The techs are very knowledgeable and completed the work in a timely manner.”

Electronic Sensors, Inc

“UV&S is amazing. They are always quick to respond and help with all requests, and they fix the problem promptly. Jeff is the one who usually helps me, and he is fantastic!”

Sydney Hufford
Society of Decorative Painters

“The UV&S office and their drivers have been absolutely wonderful, kind and extremely helpful to work with!”

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Ann-Marie Blythe
Rockfield Elementary School

“Our company, Ment Cowork, has been using UV&S for a few months now and we love it! It is a perk when showing our space to potential members to say that we not only take their confidential information seriously, but we also take recycling it and disposing of it appropriately seriously. Thanks for providing this service to our community!”

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Haley Hoback
Ment Cowork

“We had UV&S shred a large amount of old files for our school district recently. We were very pleased with the price and professional service. I highly recommend them for all your shredding jobs!”

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Teresa Garmon
Glasgow Independent Schools

“Showed up on time, completed my project timely and didn’t leave a mess! Will use again if the need arises!”

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Chris McCoy

“Always quick to respond. Comes on scheduled day. Everyone I deal with is very nice. If I need to change the schedule, they are able to do so without issues.”

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Shelley Branham
Coca-Cola Bottling Company

“UV&S recently handled a purge for our business. The driver was very professional, nice, and hard-working while providing services for us!”

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Securitas Security Services

“Your driver came in and did an excellent job — very nice and professional young man!”

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Cathy Blanford
Commonwealth Attorney of Henderson

“I have enjoyed working with your company! You do an excellent job of taking care of our shredding needs. You are pleasant to work with, pleasant on the phone and your employees that pick up the materials are very nice as well. We appreciate you taking care of our office!”

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Benchmark Family Services

“UV&S provides friendly & efficient service! Our services are going great and we are very pleased!”

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First United Methodist Church


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