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If you store data offsite, our Data Center can provide reliable access to your network and critical systems to ensure your information is stored, managed, and disseminated efficiently. The facility was designed to be essentially disaster proof and minimize the risk of downtime. We provide redundant power and connectivity sources and house the data center in a building that is protected from natural disasters. We also provide physical security and utilize climate and threat monitoring systems helping you remain compliant with the most stringent auditing and regulatory requirements including GLBA, Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA.


Reliable access to your network and critical business processes; deploy and manage your infrastructure from your rack in our secure data center.

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Deploy cloud-based services through a solution with a lower total cost of ownership than traditional alternatives. Pay a monthly fee for your virtualized desktop in our secure data center. Learn more about the freedom and reliability our patented system provides.

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Our Data Center

Our facility has simultaneous power feeds from multiple electrical substations and on-premise diesel generators along with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). We keep reserve fuel on-site and have guaranteed fuel contracts. Connectivity is supplied by multiple telecom providers via BGP4 redundant Internet. We’ve installed fully redundant enterprise-class routing and switching equipment and maintain the temperature and humidity with redundant computer room air conditioning units. The data center also has multi-zoned fire detection and suppression systems which are tied into a central alarm system with direct connection to the local fire department.

Our proactive measures facilitated by reporting and trend analysis help prevent downtime and system failures. Engineers monitor power, temperature, humidity, flooding, bandwidth, and connectivity and are alerted and respond to notifications 24/7. We utilize AVTECH RoomAlert 32E Monitoring System and PRTG.

Facility and Conveniences
The data center is in an F5 rated building in downtown Wichita. We have installed raised access flooring which distributes conditioned, cold air and accommodates cabling and special wiring needs. The building has a loading dock, onsite conference rooms, a restaurant, a workout room with locker rooms and showers, and is also within walking distance of major hotels and restaurants.

The building premises are monitored for physical security and critical areas are monitored for glass breakage and vibration. There is a central alarm system that notifies the police if a threat is detected. Our data center has video surveillance, secure HID card access, an escort is required for access to the shared co-location area, and individual customer’s racks are protected by a combination lock system.


Data Center Services

Simultaneous power feeds

On-premise diesel generators

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Multiple telcom providers

Monitoring, alerting, reporting and trend analysis

Raised access flooring

Accessible and convenient location

Redundant Internet via BGP4

Fully redundant enterprise-class routing and switching equipment

Consistent temperature and relative humidity levels

Multi-zoned fire detection and suppression

SLA Loading dock

Onsite conference rooms

Onsite cafeteria, locker rooms and showers


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