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AAA Certified Shredding Solutions

In addition to specializing in secure records storage and asset management, we offer secure destruction services. We have been awarded the AAA Certification by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), it the highest level of secure destruction available.

Off-site and onsite shredding are available depending on your location. Shredding services can be scheduled as recurring service or as file purges and clean-outs. We also offer Community Shred Event services if you want to offer your clients or community the opportunity to securely shred their personal information.

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With our comprehensive shredding method, a customer does not need to sort their paper materials by color or remove staples and paper clips. Both offsite and onsite shredding are secure and certified but if your business requires it, we can destroy records at your location and in your presence.

For recurring services, we install secure shred containers at your location and set up scheduled services based on the frequency you need. You can request the type and number of containers necessary for the size of your office or facility. We have two storage container options.
Security Console – It is 35” X 19” X 16” and holds approximately 75-100 pounds of paper. The front is a lockable door that is tamper evident. Other sizes may be available by request.
Security Tub – It is made of injected molded plastic for high strength and security and is 43” X 24” X 27”. It holds approximately 200-250 pounds of paper and has a two wheel axel for easy movement of the tub.

You can also schedule a purge or clean out as an added or stand-alone service. If you have boxes or filing cabinets of paper, our certified couriers can pick up the material. We will provide our tubs to transport the material if needed.


In addition to paper, we can also shred other media that contains sensitive information including; CD’s, floppy disks, tapes, and X-rays. If it has information that you need destroyed, call us to see if we can shred it for you. Hard Drive destruction and E-Waste Management are separate services, click either link for additional details.


In addition to business and individual document destruction, we work with clients to host Community Shred Events. Events are open to the public or your clients. They are a good way to give back to your customers and help create awareness while preventing Identity Theft.


Most items in storage will eventually reach a retention date and destroying the wrong item, or failing to destroy the correct one, could be catastrophic. Our people and procedures are in place to ensure that when you contact us for destruction, the correct boxes are pulled, confirmed, and the information is destroyed to your compliance specifications. Only authorized contacts are able to request the destruction of your records.

Our trained staff is well-versed in industry-standard destruction principles. Our procedures are time-tested to check and double-check that the correct items are marked for destruction. If the destruction list is exceptionally long, we can schedule the destruction of your items to ensure they are destroyed in a timely manner but none before their retention dates. Our proven methods enhance the process and assure your destruction order is handled in an organized, thoughtful manner.

Our standard method of destruction for most records is NAID certified shredding. Since we store so many different media types including acetate and polyester microfilm, magnetic tapes, and hard drives, if we don’t offer the destruction method to meet your compliance needs, we also contract with third-party destruction services for more specialized methods.


Professional Recurring Service
A cost effective service to ensure your employees are destroying all material with personal identifying information.
File Purge or Clean Out
We can schedule one time projects or yearly clean outs. Our professional couriers will load material in our secure trucks.
Community Shred Events
Host an event for your community or clients and give them the opportunity to securely shred their personal material for free.
Destruction of Items Stored with UV&S
Store and destroy your items without looking for a second vendor. We have been in the records management business since 1959 and have developed time tested procedures.
Certificate of Destruction
We provide a Certificate of Destruction certifying that proper destruction procedures were met. It specifies the destruction method, date destroyed, type of material and provides a reference number. This certificate should be kept in your files for proof of compliance.


Certified Shredding and Recycling

Ensures compliance standards are met

Secure containers provided

AAA NAID Certified rating

provided a certificate of destruction

Transported in our certified vehicle

Cost effective

Processed in our certified vehicle or facility

Remains are recycled into new paper when possible


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From document shredding to CDs, tapes, hard drives, x-rays and other items that contain sensitive data, we can help you develop a plan to get rid of it. Securely.