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Security, Compliance and Efficiency

Secure bank records management is essential to meeting your auditor and customer demands. Industry legislation, such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley ACT (GLB), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and the Fair and Accurate Credit and Transactions Act (FACTA), combined with government regulation and oversight, create the need for a rigorous bank records management program that addresses securing private information, storing records according to an acceptable retention schedule and destroying information that has passed its retention date.

At UV&S, we have served Fortune 500 companies and small community banks alike, since 1959. Our experienced staff, secure facilities and time-tested procedures are ready to help you meet those demands.



It’s a Wrap…Send it to the Salt Mine

A familiar phrase within the film and television industry, Send it to the Salt Mine has come to stand for incomparably secure and remarkably affordable film and sound archiving.

Going underground began decades ago. Film and television studios recognized that our uniquely cool and dry atmosphere, the distance from natural disaster and metropolitan exposure, and our location 58 floors below ground, were ideal for long term archiving of movie films. We eliminated high warehouse lease rates as well as reduced labor and utility costs. Our film vaults are void of anything that challenges asset protection at surface level, including seismic activity, fires, and intrusion.

We are recognized as a leader in secure storage for the motion picture and entertainment industry and have multiple locations that offer climate controlled vaults, refrigerated storage, bonded inspection and cataloging services, same day retrieval, same day shipping, and refrigerated transportation services.

UV&S is a proud member of the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA).

Agency Storage and Management

Court records storage has become a specialty for UV&S. City, county, parish, state and federal departments and agencies from across the nation rely on UV&S for security, efficient records management, and preservation. Whether you are a County Clerk, a Register of Deeds, a Registrar of Voters, or a Chief Information Officer – we can help you balance the needs for compliance, public information access, and private information protection.

Court clients include courthouses, district courts, probate courts, juvenile courts, public defender offices and district attorney offices.

Court records stored at any of our facilities are as accessible as they would be in your own jurisdiction or district – they can be faxed, scanned and digitally transferred, shipped overnight, or transported by our wholly-owned fleet of vehicles. Clerks of Court from across the nation rely on us to provide economical and secure storage.



We Share Your Disdain for Risk

Your business is to hedge against potential future loss. Our job is to protect your records and data from loss due to natural disaster, man-made disaster, theft and improper storage conditions.

Insurance companies understandably generate a large volume of paper records and electronic data. Actuarial statistics and probability analysis are data intensive and must be preserved. Client contracts, riders, medical information, forms and payment information are subject to privacy concerns and industry legislation. They must be protected in a way that limits legal exposure and provides efficient access.

UV&S can help you meet your insurance records storage and compliance needs.


Paper, Electronic Records, X-Rays, Samples

At UV&S, we have more than 50 years experience storing and managing vital medical records. From patient records and data tapes to oversized x-rays and more, you can relax knowing your records are safe from the elements, filed away for easy retrieval and secure in our vault 650 feet underground.

Off-site healthcare records storage offers additional efficiencies, enhanced security, and eased HIPAA compliance. Reduce storage costs, boost compliance, protect patient information and prevent electronic records loss with UV&S.

We help you manage your records throughout their complete lifecycle. From the time we take possession of the files at your practice until their eventual destruction, your files never leave our possession — no third party transportation companies, no sending them through the mail. We handle legal and industry specific compliance concerns and you maintain 24/7 access with digital file transfer and a dedicated transportation fleet.


The World’s Biggest Time Capsule

Every year, news reports detail instances of natural disasters, substandard storage conditions, fire, theft and vandalism. Much of the nation’s collection of art and artifacts rots in humid basements or hot warehouses, waiting for a pipe to burst. Entire collections of art, artifacts, and documents are lost or damaged.


For more than 50 years, national museums and private collectors alike have trusted UV&S for the protection of their cultural treasures. Our natural underground atmosphere keeps your items cool and dry and bar-coding and inventory technology ensure constant tracking.




From Geology Maps to 4-D Seismic Data

The oil and gas industry has come a long way since we first began storing geological maps in the early 1960’s. Core samples, well logs, seismic data tapes; we store it all for some of the biggest energy companies in the world.

Oil and gas records are more like assets than records – tremendously valuable to exploration and production. Seismic maps are data intensive, requiring massive amounts of storage.

UV&S offers three unique facilities for seismic data libraries, support data, business records, maps, and core samples. We offer same day retrieval, same day shipping, and a wholly-owned transportation fleet to meet your needs for fast, secure access.


Your Files Have Never Been Safer

Your files are your future, whether it’s today’s spreadsheet, last year’s box of documents or a data tape from 30 years ago. Since 1959, UV&S has grown to be a world leader in secure storage. Organizations of all sizes entrust UV&S with their most prized assets, from movie studios to manufacturers, financial firms to family businesses. When it absolutely has to be safe off-site storage is the key to protecting your assets.

Bad things can happen to good companies: Weather damage, water leaks, break-ins, electrical fires and worse. Our nationwide facilities offer you maximum protection from disaster, deterioration and theft.

Whether they’re located in one of our aboveground or underground facilities, your assets are in a well-protected, climate- controlled area that prevents unauthorized access. We offer unlimited, secure storage space that can be customized to meet your privacy and furnishing needs. Thousands of companies worldwide trust UV&S to protect their vital assets.

Our Services:
– Complete records and information management: We offer 24/7 access and fast, affordable storage, retrieval and delivery of your important records.
– Storage consulting: Call us for disaster planning, records organization, business impact analysis and more.
– Data tape rotation: Set your schedule, and we’ll safely transport your data to and from our many vaults.
– Destruction and shredding: Certified, bonded destruction of sensitive documents.
– Micrographic services: Climate-controlled storage, management and tracking, imaging, preservation and more.
– Document conversion: Transfer paper documents to digital media for fast access.
– Data security services: Ensure the safety of your critical data with UV&S co-location and backup.
– Dedicated transportation fleet: Guaranteed secure delivery to and from our location to yours.
– Special projects: From indexing and inventory, to fulfillment services to imaging projects, we can help.



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