For Micromedia Material

We offer competitively priced drawer storage for a variety of media including microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, engineering, architectural, flat artworks and historic documents. You can choose from our selection of cabinets, or we can custom-order them on your behalf.
– The microfilm storage drawer holds 66 rolls of 16mm microfilm
– Or the microfilm storage drawer holds 39 rolls of 35mm microfilm.
– The microfiche storage drawer holds approximately 1,500 pieces.
– The aperture card/tabulation card storage drawer holds around 2,000 pieces.
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Drawer Storage

Environmental control

Underground protection from disaster

Extends the life of your media


Let’s discuss your storage needs and how we can help

Above ground, underground, temperature and humidity controlled, records and media, rotations, retrieval, disaster recovery plans and more. Let’s talk about what you need.
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