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Significantly reduce the risk of theft or data loss due to disaster and tape degradation by entrusting your data to UV&S. Our underground and above ground secure media vaults maintain ideal climates for permanent data tape storage and active rotations. Vaults are climate-controlled with walls and doors that are properly fire rated and fire monitoring includes dry fire suppression systems. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored and alerts are sent if measurements do not meet our standards. The vaults also reside within our already secure facilities so access is very controlled. Since Disaster Recovery plans demand that data tape is protected and accessible use our media vaults and courier service instead of storing at the office or using a safety deposit box.

You can trust our processes because we have been managing data since open reels were industry standard. UV&S continues to secure data from loss, fraud and disaster and as data tape cartridges emerged, evolved, and shrunk, we archived each technology advancement for clients across the globe and in every industry. Cloud storage has become very practical but for business continuity plans, data tape provides enhanced security and protection. Tapes cannot be hacked and storing data offsite facilitates recovery following a disaster or breach.



Imagine a climate-controlled bank vault, 650 ft below the earth’s surface, encased in a 400 ft thick rock member, with only two vertical access points, positioned in rural Kansas. There is not a more secure place for your data than our salt mine facility in Hutchinson. We also offer climate controlled media vaults in our limestone mine facilities in Kansas City and Louisville.

Our natural underground temperature and humidity is ideal for nearly every media – cool, dry and stable. Unlike above ground storage facilities, which must rely on climate control equipment and electricity, our underground atmosphere is not susceptible to brownouts, blackouts, or equipment failure. Regardless of weather or season, underground storage is ideal for most magnetic media.

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Tape Vaulting
Data Tape Rotation Services are available and offer a better solution than storing backups in the boss’ basement. Our Vaults our monitored 24/7 to ensure temperature and humidity remain at the correct levels.
Fast Access
Rest assured, your records and assets are within your reach even if you are states or oceans away! We offer scanning and encrypted digital transmission, overnight shipping via third party carrier, and transportation via our wholly-owned fleet of freight trucks and courier vans.
Focuses Security Measures
Vaults are access controlled within our secure facility and have limited access points. We then protect entrance points using a combination of video surveillance, infrared, vault doors, and more. Our salt mine facility enjoys an added, natural security measure: a 650 ft drop via vertical elevator shaft.
Infinite Customization
Custom media vaults provide complete privacy within our facilities and are customizable to suit your temperature, humidity, filtration and access needs.
Library Storage
If your organization generates large volumes of data, we have a place for you. Some clients entrust data tapes in the tens of thousands to our care – all bar-coded, organized, and available for quick retrieval.
Legacy Archiving
Magnetic Media Archiving provides a solution for companies when they have found conversion to newer media is not cost effective. We’re no strangers to open reel tapes – a large portion of the world’s data bank still exists on that media.
Geographic Separation
Disaster planning and compliance experts agree – offsite storage reduces your risk and enables faster recovery from disaster.
Protection in Depth
Our underground facilities are not only geographically separate but they are miles from danger zones associated with oceans, rivers, seismic fault lines, flood plains, military activity and volcanic hot spots. Records are also safe from weather related disasters.


Media Vaults

Fulfills disaster recovery needs

Organized, convenient rotations

Protection from natural and manmade disaster

24/7 day access, emergency access available

Ideal storage environment

Vault within secured facility

Boosts compliance

Fast access for recovery


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