Maximum Customization And Security

Private Vaults are a big part of what we do. Our three underground storage facilities in Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri offer completely customized storage to meet your exacting specifications. Whether you need a 15,000 sq ft room with workstations or a 100 sq ft room with a bank vault door, we can accommodate. We offer three main options; Private Facilities, Maximum Protection Vaults, and Micro Vaults. Each meets a little different need.
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Micro Vaults
The Micro Vault is set up like the Maximum Protection Vault but contains multiple chain-link units that are leased by different clients. This storage option offers the same fire rating, dehumidification and steel door separation from the rest of the facility at a more economical rate. Your storage will be near but separate from the units of a small number of other clients that opted for the additional security the Micro Vault offers.
Private Facilities
Also called private rooms, these are completely customized vaults within our underground facilities. You can secure an entire 15,0000 square foot bay or just 576 square feet depending on your needs. We offer complete control over any detail logistically possible. There are multiple wall construction choices, including concrete block, steel or chain link. Storage racking or drawer styles are your decision. Work areas and equipment can be incorporated based on your requirement. Climate-control equipment for temperature, dehumidification and HEPA filtration are available. Choose the door style that works for you, including two-hour or four-hour rated steel doors, bank vault doors or simply a wood door. You can also request video monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, key code security, infrared monitoring and more.
Maximum Protection Vaults
These rooms are constructed of concrete block walls within the rock walls of an underground facility. A locking steel door provides additional security and confidentiality for client deposits. These vaults provide a two-hour fire rating but can be customized with a four-hour rating. Each vault is dehumidified. We equip rooms with steel shelving but the shelving can be adjusted to accommodate your needs or we can provide additional equipment at a nominal cost.


Private Vaults

Separation from other items

Additional layers of security

Secure storage of private documents

Infinite customization

Reduced cost per cubic foot

Further access restrictions


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