Ideal for Sensitive Media

UV&S offers a number of options for Refrigerated & Climate Controlled Storage where the environment is maintained at a cool, dry temperature designed to extend the life of film elements, sound recordings, microfilm, and other sensitive media. Items are also kept geographically distant from your facility for protection and if you want additional security from tornadoes, flooding, civil unrest, earthquakes, wildfires and hurricanes, we also have Refrigerated Storage underground.

Vault conditions currently available include:

Climate Controlled
19C +/- 2C (66F), RH 50%

Climate Controlled
16C +/- 2C (61F), RH 45%

Climate Controlled
08C +/- 2C (46F), RH 25%

For those needing a specific storage environment, we also offer customized storage vaults. Besides the climate control settings other customizable options include; filtration, racking style, room size, wall construction, vault door style, monitoring systems, adding additional access restrictions, and creating work areas. Let us know what you need, and we will do our best to find a solution.

If it should be stored cold, contact us.



Controlled Environment and Refrigerated Storage

Custom vaults and private compartments

Protects from fluctuation

Underground protection from disaster

Extends the life of media


Let’s discuss your storage needs and how we can help

Above ground, underground, temperature and humidity controlled, records and media, rotations, retrieval, disaster recovery plans and more. Let’s talk about what you need.
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