A hotdog at a ballgame beats a roast beef at the Ritz

There were plenty of heroes in this year’s World Series, and that has us thinking about baseball cards. A few superstar players may see their card stock rise after an exciting seven-game nail biter. Congratulations to the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Many may not know that baseball cards are one of the more unique items we store here at Underground Vaults & Storage. Like any item, proper storage of baseball cards is important and can help protect your investment, especially if you have one of these top ten most valuable cards.

If you were lucky enough to have any of these in your collection, you’d certainly take great precautions when storing them. The fact of the matter is that most businesses have valuable records that are vital to their operations and these records deserve the same protection you’d want for a T206 Honus Wagner. Remember, whether your protecting baseball cards or business records, basic storage best practices apply. Consider the space needed, environmental concerns, your access needs and the value of your items when determining whether to store them on or off-site.


Image courtesy of Flickr user Baseball Collection