Benefits Of Offsite Records Management

Underground Vaults & Storage understands the role business records play for your company and security of that information is our top priority. For this reason, our facilities are equipped with state of the art security systems. Three of our facilities are located deep underground with limited physical access. Additionally, through authorized access, you control who can access the information stored at our locations.

The difference between a records information management company and a storage facility is service AND security. We are available to service you 24/7/365. Allow Underground Vaults & Storage to be an extension of your staff, part of your team, a partner in reducing your operating cost and improving your business work process efficiencies, without adding salaries, benefits or continuing education to your budget. Your internal staff concentrates on improving your core business, while we provide the professional information management services you require.

Some types of records require special environmentally controlled conditions that are both unique and expensive to provide. You don’t need to tie up your assets and expensive office space, let us do that for you. Underground Vaults & Storage is constantly reviewing new methods and technologies to keep your records safe, secure, and accessible to you.

We know how important it is to have an emergency disaster plan to safeguard your information. Should the worst happen, a good plan will help you move quickly to recovery. UV&S is accustomed to these needs and we can help you to meet those special requirements, develop disaster plan and get your company back up and running in a quick recovery time. Contact UV&S today for a free needs assessment