Concergent IT, a division of UV&S

Underground Vaults & Storage has had a close partnership with Concergent IT for several years and acquired the company in May 2016. This acquisition added to and expanded the digital services we provide to our clients. We offer four main areas of service: Data Center Services, Managed IT Services, Professional IT Services and Hardware and Software sales.

The state-of-the-art Concergent IT data center is located in the F5-rated Farm Credit Bank Building in downtown Wichita, KS. Our virtually disaster-proof data center ensures a secure and stable environment with redundant power and connectivity sources, redundant AC units and multi-zone fire detection and suppression systems. Concergent IT’s business continuity expertise and virtually disaster proof data center offers you the comfort of knowing your customers, staff, systems, and information are always connected. The building and suite entrances are secured by key card access, security personnel and 24×7 video surveillance.

Do you want to outsource your IT department? We use a proactive IT support model that reduces the negative impact of downtime by reducing the duration and frequency of IT failures.

Is your IT staff lacking technology expertise? Are IT issues stealing time from more productive tasks? Do you have a limited budget, or is your current vendor’s business model set up so they get paid when your network or workstations fail? Partner with Concergent IT so it’s on us to make money by proactively monitoring and managing your computing systems 24×7. We address most issues before they happen. How do we do that? We are continuously gathering data on each and every system. If something out of the normal happens, we are alerted so we can immediately address the issue.  Our offering is proactive, scalable and has a fixed monthly fee for unlimited service. We provide the right combination of world-class monitoring and management tools along with common sense technical resources so you can focus on the critical products and services that drive your success.

We offer Hardware and Software sales, including a full line of Dell products and can help you purchase the technology you need even if you do not utilize our other services. If you do not know what your requirements are for backup hardware, servers, telecommunication equipment, computers, or software, tell us what your business needs and we will help you find the best solution. If you know what you need, we can help you find the most economical solution and provide assistance with implementation.

From large, multinational enterprises to single workstation startups, there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of productivity. We are a full service IT company and want to help you find business solutions for your IT problems. Whoever you are, whatever you need, we can help.

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