Curbing the cost of compliance

doctor computerThe conversion to electronic medical records (EMR) has a lot of businesses scrambling to maintain compliance and not just healthcare organizations, but their business partners as well. But what a lot of these organizations don’t realize is that not all medical records need to be transferred to electronic format, particularly older records. And there is a pile of money to be saved by storing older records in a secure, off-site location rather than scanning every file in the building.

But, what if I need to access those files? you ask.

The simple answer is You can. And you don’t even need to leave your office.

By working with the right vendor, you can ensure that all of your critical documents are securely stored and accessible when you need them, typically by receiving scanned documents via email upon request. A good records and information management system addresses the storage of your physical documents as well as document conversion, imaging and scanning activities. At UVS, we have helped clients implement such systems and seen very positive effects for their bottom line.

It just isn’t cost effective to convert everything in the office to electronic format when it’s easy to store it at a very reasonable price and convert items as you need them. In an economy where everyone is looking to save money where they can, it makes sense to investigate all of your options.