NAID AAA Certified Destruction in Oklahoma

We have completed our NAID audit and our Oklahoma Facility is now a NAID AAA Certified Transfer Processing Station. We have been growing our secure destruction footprint over the last several years and are proud that we can now offer NAID certified services in the Oklahoma City area.

Our current clients can feel even more confident using our services because using a NAID certified vendor is an industry best practice. NAID is internationally recognized and our procedures provide the documentation that is generally required for auditing purposes.

All businesses create paper and electronic records and it is very important to securely destroy those records when they reach their retention dates. Doing so protects your customers’ information and safeguards your business from creating a breach of information. For larger companies with more volume than can be easily shred in house, using a third-party vendor is the perfect solution. Our AAA Certification will give you peace of mind and with our friendly customer service, there is no better vendor.

The shredding services are also cost effective. You pay based on the volume of shredding needed by choosing your containers and service frequency. For this reason, even small companies can have the security and convenience of NAID certified shredding. For a reasonable per service fee, we can help you utilize your employee’s time more efficiently by not having them spend hours shredding what could be shred in minutes.

UV&S has been operating in OKC for 17 years and will continue to improve our services with our clients’ best interests in mind.  Please contact us for information on scheduled shredding services, one time shred purges, hard drive destruction, and non-paper media destruction.

We are is now NAID AAA Certified in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) is the established international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. NAID’s certification program has become the most widely accepted set of rules and guidelines for information destruction. Certified companies are audited, perform background checks on employees, and must follow strict security standards. NAID also continues to work with state and federal governments to improve the protection of private information. For more information about NAID, please visit their website, NAID Online.