Retired and still stuck with paperwork?

It can be difficult for a doctor to retire, but it doesn’t have to be.

Patient medical records don’t go away just because a doctor closes up shop and prepares for retirement. And it may be months or even years down the road when a patient has need of a specific document. Without proper planning, doctors can find themselves stuck sifting through old paperwork rather than sifting sand through their toes at the beach.

The best plan, of course, is to find someone else to manage all of that old paperwork for you, but medical records come with rules, compliances, legislation and security concerns. You need a partner who can jump through all of the hoops gracefully on a budget.

The right partner can ensure that all of your critical documents are securely stored and accessible when needed, and scan, convert and deliver documents on demand. By finding the right partner and then notifying patients and allowing them individual access to their records, a doctor can truly retire.

At UVS, we’ve been partnering with retiring doctors for years. We can store, manage and prepare for the eventual destruction of your medical records and the doctor can forget about them completely. Play with the grandkids, enjoy a round of golf, or take a vacation to the moon we’ll handle it from here.