Destruction of Secure Documents

In order to mitigate risk, secure documents should be destroyed on a regular schedule, as soon as they have outlived their usefulness. Therefore UV&S provides confidential destruction of records for our clients through shredding. Most importantly our shredding process is NAID certified. To learn more about our certification, click here.

Our Shredding Process

The process begins with our staff working with you to develop a document security program that fits with your organization. For daily paper flow, chose the service frequency and number of containers that works best for you. Because our clients’ security is our number one commitment, we have certified, insured and picture-identified employees. Also your shred remains locked and is under the close supervision of our staff from transfer of custody to destruction. Not only are all your documents completely destroyed, but the material is also recycled and made into other paper products.

Offsite and Mobile Shredding

We can provide shred service on a recurring basis or as a purge for all of your secure documents. In addition mobile shredding is available if you need the material shred in your presence. For recurring services, we provide two types of containers to secure your paper, a security tub and console. You do not need to sort paper by color or remove staples and paper clips, just add to your bin and wait for the pick up.

Non-paper Media

Because information is stored on other types of media, we also shred items including plastics, binders, CD’s, and X-rays.  These items need to be sorted from paper but if they contain sensitive information, most things can still be shred as non-paper media. If you have a question about whether it should be sorted or is considered non-paper media, please contact us. 

Convenient and Secure

Our process includes multiple procedures to ensure the highest level of security and safety. Our goal is to take the hassle out of document destruction so we provide a solution that keeps all of your information secure by:

  • storing materials for destruction in secure containers
  • transporting material by a secured vehicle
  • processing secure documents in a certified facility or mobile truck
  • baling and recycling remains 
  • providing a certificate of destruction for your records

To get a free quote or learn more about our services, please contact us by phone or email.

secure destruction bins