Standing the test of time

The practice of storing things underground goes back as far as the earliest records of civilization. In fact, much of the information we have uncovered about these early cultures has survived through the ages because it was buried. From the Egyptian pharaohs to the caretakers of sacred religious texts to modern dictators hoarding stolen artifacts during World War II, people have preserved their most valuable assets by storing them underground.

So when the founders of Underground Vaults & Storage began looking for a secure storage place for vital records, it was history that sparked an idea. During the fallout of post WWII Europe, stolen property was recovered that Hitler had hidden away in the salt bunkers and mines of Germany. The artifacts in storage were found in pristine condition.

Six men met to discuss the idea for a secured records storage company 650 feet below ground in the Carey salt mine. The result of these discussions marked the birth of Underground Vaults & Storage, and it didn’t take much convincing to persuade the first customers about the benefits the salt mine provided in protecting their valuables. Today, UVS securely stores important property for governments and individuals, museums and private collectors, major film studios and microfilm users, Wall Street moguls and Main street boutiques.

The best ideas, like the best secure storage, stand the test of time. And as history shows us, when it comes to secure storage of your valuable assets, it doesn’t get any better than Underground.