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Vaulting, Archiving, and Preservation

Microfilm endures well beyond paper, hard drives, optical disks and magnetic media – if stored correctly. Fluctuating temperature and humidity, airborne pollutants, and improper handling can be devastating to polyester, silver, diazo and acetate-based film. Pre-existing deterioration is accelerated in such conditions.

Not only are UV&S facilities uniquely suited for the preservation and safekeeping of your microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards but we’ve developed an array of services designed for speedy access and proper management as well. Our staff is bonded and trained to carefully handle, file, inspect and digitize microfilm. Two unique preservation vaults include one limited to brown toned microfilm and the other limited to silver based film. We also maintain close relationships with Kodak Certified Microfilm Preservation Labs – allowing us to serve as your single source for microfilm storage, preservation, duplication and restoration.



Our premiere Kansas underground facility, located in a salt mine in Hutchinson, represents the highest degree of protection possible. 650 feet below the earth, encased in a solid salt cocoon, more than 3 million square feet of storage space houses microfilm and other media. Our Kansas City, Missouri and Louisville, Kentucky facilities are tucked away in limestone formations, offering the same constant temperature and average relative humidity enjoyed by items in our salt mine facility.

Our three underground storage facilities maintain a constant 40% – 50% average relative humidity, 68°F/20°C average temperature, regardless of weather or season. Buried deep underground and miles away from disaster-prone areas, your microfilm is kept protected from both natural and manmade disasters.


Natural temperature and humidity is ideal for most media, yet we can provide additional climate controls and air filtration. Our microform storage vaults maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for film bases including acetate, polyester, silver and diazo. Private vaults can be customized by adding additional security measures including; wall material, vault door style, monitoring equipment and restricted staff access. Semi-private vaults are available for smaller volumes of media. We also offer two segregated preservation vaults; one limited to silver films, the other limited to Kodak Brown Toned films. Drawer storage is available for microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.

Microfiche Box
15″l x 7″w x 4 3/4″h


Microfilm Box
15 1/2″l x 12″w x 4″h


Inspection Services
You can rely on our trained staff to inspect items while in storage for redox, vinegar syndrome, or other damage. If signs of redox are found, we can request Brown Toning services from a Kodak Certified Microfilm Preservation Lab on your behalf. If signs of vinegar syndrome are found, we can coordinate duplication or imaging. Rolls of microfilm can be duplicated to silver or diazo, thereby allowing us to keep the original roll in storage and send a working copy to you.
Scanning and Digital Transmissions Services
Microfilm, microfiche and aperture card scanning services are offered for retrieval requests and digital archiving programs. Since contrast, focus, orientation and detail can vary significantly from image to image, each scan is done by hand by a trained operator. Images are uploaded to a secure, encrypted and password-protected website for your convenient download.
Document Management and Tracking
Secure microform management services include barcoding, tracking, retrieval, interfiling, cataloguing and organization of your microfilmed records. We offer same day retrieval services. Our specially-trained staff observes standard protocols for handling and inspection of microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards.
Transportation and Shipping
Our wholly-owned fleet of courier vans and trucks offers competitively-priced pickup and delivery. We ship using a variety of third party carriers. We can also mail or fax hard copy printouts of your images, without removing microforms from the safety of storage.
Specialized Services
We partner with specialist companies for extended services, allowing us to be your single source. These services include detailed microfilm inspection, silver duplication, Kodak Brown Toning, and high volume imaging.
Underground and Vault Storage
We offer both underground storage for media or vault storage if you have specific environmental needs. Private Vaults, Semi-Private Vaults, and drawer storage is available.


Microfilm Storage and Services

Extends the life of your information

Maximum possible protection from disaster

Boosts your compliance efforts

Secures sensitive information from prying eyes

Flexible to meet your unique storage needs

Single source for extended service

Specialists at your fingertips


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