Top five business reasons for off-site storage

The reasons to store records off-site are many in number and vary from industry to industry. However, there are some basic reasons that every organization should consider that directly impact productivity and profitability. Here are five main reasons to include off-site storage in your records management strategy:

5. Save valuable office space
Maybe you need to free up space so you can move around without bumping into things. Or maybe you can use that space to do something that actually makes money.

4. Geographic separation of records
It doesn’t take a climatologist to see that natural disasters can destroy property along with the records inside. Storing your records off-site can help in keeping a bad situation from becoming worse.

3. Security of information
Information security, and the lack there-of, is the stuff of headlines that you do not want to be associated with. It isn’t enough to think you have it covered. Know that we have it covered for you.

2. Management of information
Old records can get misfiled, damaged or lost when you keep them on-site. But you may still need to access those files occasionally. Well, off-site storage can allow for all the access you need. And with bar-code tracking and a team of management specialists, you’ll likely get the document you need faster than if you were digging for it yourself.

1. Cost savings
For less than the cost of a local storage unit, UV&S can typically store your items, move them into storage for you, and process them using bar-code tracking. The cost goes down after that, and records management can be paid on an as-needed basis.