UV&S congratulates Jennifer Coker on becoming a Certified Records Manager (CRM).

Jennifer is the Training/Safety Specialist and works in the corporate office. She has been with UV&S for several years and the new certification will allow UV&S to provide another special service to our clients. Jennifer now has a strong foundation in all aspects of recordkeeping; from the creation of records to the management and control of them to storage and disposition, along with knowledge of recordkeeping technologies. This certification shows a commitment to our clients by continuing to improve the expertise of our employees and our ability to provide expert advice on records management.

The CRM certification is one of the highest honors in the Records Management Industry and only a handful of people achieve the certification. The exam is a six part exam administered by the Institute of Certified Records Managers and covers a large amount of information including detail procedures, guidelines, technical questions and case studies.  All six parts must be passed within a five year period in order to become certified. This is a high honor and an impressive accomplishment for Jennifer.

Founded in 1959, Underground Vaults & Storage is a privately held, full service records and information management company. UV&S and its Document Resources and Concergent IT divisions provide records storage, digital conversion, NAID certified destruction services and data center hosting and technology support to worldwide clients. UV&S has ten locations across four Midwestern states, but is perhaps best known for its salt mine facility in Hutchinson, Kansas where it stores millions of items 650’ underground for some of the largest companies in the world, including the motion picture and television industry.