box storage in los angelesbox storage in los angeles

Secure storage facilities
hidden deep in rock, or around the corner.

Off-site secure storage just makes good sense. Our six facilities are designed to protect
your assets and vital records from disaster, deterioration, loss, and theft.

Storage Options

Box Storage
Underground Vaults & Storage offers economical boxed document storage at each facility, for clients large and small.

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Private Vaults
Our three underground storage facilities in Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri offer completely customized private vaults and rooms to meet your specifications.

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Media Vaults
Backing up to data tape is simply not enough. Legislation compliance and business continuity plans demand that the tape is protected, accessible and that the data is recoverable.

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Drawer Storage
We offer competitively-priced drawer storage for a variety of media including microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, engineering, architectural, flat artworks and historic documents.

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Refrigerated Storage
Refrigerated storage vaults are maintained at a cool, dry temperature designed to extend the life of film elements, sound recordings, and other sensitive media.

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Underground Storage
Underground storage offers the maximum-possible security for sensitive media, critical data, important records, and vital assets.

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