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Secure Your Geophysical Assets

Data-intensive geophysical and geological maps must be protected. Often seismic data resides on various media types in multiple locations – complicating tracking and extending retrieval times.
We secure seismic data for some of the best energy companies in the world. Our combination of depth protection, experience with oil and gas data, and fast retrieval services make us an ideal place to consolidate your data assets.
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Underground Seismic Data Vaults
We offer climate-controlled data vaults in our three underground facilities in Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky. Offerings range from custom 15,000 sq ft private bays to shared slotted storage.
Legacy Magnetic Media Archiving
As new technology and storage media become available, oil and gas companies must decide what to do with data on existing media. If conversion to newer media is too expensive, place your legacy seismic media in our care.
Same Day Retrieval and Shipping
We offer same day retrieval, same day shipping, and a secure transportation fleet. Whether around the corner or miles away, your seismic data assets are always within reach.


Seismic Data Storage

Protection from natural and manmade disaster

Safeguards information from vandalism and theft

Ideal digital media storage environment

Fast, secure access


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Above ground, underground, temperature and humidity controlled, records and media, rotations, retrieval, disaster recovery plans and more. Let’s talk about what you need.