Underground Vaults & Storage to Change Name to UV&S

Concergent IT and Media Servicing will now be UV&S.

Hutchinson, KS – Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc., a privately-owned company that began as a secure storage provider in the Hutchinson salt mine, is changing its public name to “UV&S.” The shortened name better positions the company to highlight the tremendous growth and diversification of the company over the past 10 years beyond just underground storage.

“When we started in 1959, we exclusively provided specialized storage underground in the salt mine,” said Lee Spence, president of UV&S. “Over the next several decades, we expanded our storage operation to other cities around the country, some underground and some not. The name continued to reflect our mission to provide the most secure storage and specialized offerings to our clients.”

Since 2010, however, the company implemented an aggressive expansion and diversification strategy that has now necessitated the simplified name change. “UV&S now owns a destruction and recycling company, provides IT services and data center solutions for global clients, and has recently branched out into event branding and logistics support for large-scale international festivals and conferences,” added Spence. “In all, UV&S has 12 unique locations, with over 120 employees operating in the United States and the United Kingdom. Now, 60 years from our start, a majority of our business isn’t located underground anymore, and a big portion of our business has nothing to do with storage.”

Over the years, many clients simply referred to the company as UV&S, so the change isn’t a drastic one, but rather one that allows for a more inclusive umbrella under which all the unique services can operate together. Concluded Spence, “By simplifying our name, it gives us the flexibility to continue to diversify without creating market confusion about what we do or where we do it. We are all truly just part of the UV&S family.”

The new brand alignment will have the company’s IT division, formerly known as Concergent, cease to use that name. This Wichita-based division was acquired in 2016 and provides IT solutions and operates a data center for worldwide clients. Additionally, Media Servicing, a London-based storage and events business acquired in 2019 will also stop trading under that name. Going forward, both of these divisions will be offered as part of UV&S.

All of the company’s services, offerings and locations will be consolidated and marketed on a retooled website found at www.UVSINC.com.