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Land Shark Shredding is now UV&S

Land Shark Shredding was acquired in January 2021.

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We are proud to be the new service provider for Land Shark Shredding customers. We will strive to provide the best service possible. Please check out our website to learn more about UV&S and see how we can help your business. We specialize in secure destruction services and have been awarded the AAA Certification by the National Association for Information Destruction. NAID audits our shred division to ensure we meet certain standards. Our other services include secure storage, IT services and media event services.


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Currently available through our UK division, we securely recycle film and tape through a FACT-accredited process and are licensed by The Environmental Agency.

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Mobile and Offsite shredding for documents, CD’s, tapes, x-rays, and other items containing sensitive information through our shred division in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

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Erasing your hard drive doesn’t always mean the data is unrecoverable. We shred hard drives to ensure no information is retrievable.

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Securely recycle and dispose of out-dated electronics; schedule pickups in Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

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More Information on UV&S – Secure Storage and Continued Growth Since 1959

For over 60 years, UV&S has operated as a service-oriented records storage company, adding new services to meet our client’s needs. We provide records management with offsite storage for paper and media, multiple IT services, secure shredding, and event services.

UV&S was founded by a group of businessmen who foresaw the need for a secure location to protect and manage information.UV&S is still a privately owned and operated company. Many of the original families continue in the management and direction of our company. The salt mine in Hutchinson, Kansas, was selected as our first storage facility. You can read more about the benefits of underground storage here. As business practices evolved we added local storage facilities, data storage services, started a shred division and then a technology division. We have grown from our flagship salt mine facility to multiple facilities in the states and the United Kingdom. Growth came by opening new facilities and through acquisitions. But we have always maintained our service-oriented mindset.

UV&S will continue growing by adding new products and services that help our clients solve their business problems. We stand ready to meet your needs with our mix of underground and above ground storage facilities, data center and IT services, NAID Certified destruction services, media recycling, event services, a wholly owned fleet of transportation vehicles, and well-proven procedures and technology.




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From document shredding to CDs, tapes, hard drives, x-rays and other items that contain sensitive data, we can help you develop a plan to get rid of it. Securely.
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