UV&S Storage in Los Angeles

UV&S has long partnered with some of the biggest names in film and television, providing best-in-class storage options for their assets. Our facilities in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and the United Kingdom have met the needs of our clients with climate-controlled and ambient storage solutions along with international courier and logistics services. To further support the needs of clients from the West Coast, from all industries, we have opened a secure storage facility in the Los Angeles area.

Storage in Los Angeles

Our facility is conveniently based in the city of Vernon, where we can provide same day services to clients in the greater LA area. Climate-controlled media vaults are available for the storage of film, tapes, hard drives, and electronic back-ups. Ambient storage is available for document storage along with the storage of pallets, crates, and oversized items. Long and short-term storage options are offered to meet the needs of your business.

Transportation is provided to store at our LA location or for short term staging until the items are shipped to one of our other facilities. All movement is tracked with industry-best inventory management software, barcoded and scanned multiple times during the pickup and delivery process, so you always know where your assets are.

film storage in Los angeles

Event Services in Los Angeles

In addition to storage, our Events and Logistics experts can also help with your next festival or red-carpet event, including graphics, AV rental, and digital display screens, with designs and staging customized for maximum impact. Your branded materials can be created, stored, shipped, and set-up by UV&S as a turnkey service.

For over 60 years UV&S has provided secure storage solutions to clients around the world, and you can trust our expertise and time-tested procedures. Your assets and intellectual property will be protected and readily available when you need them.

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