Data Security – Understanding Threats and Implementing Protection

Do you know if your data is secure? How are you managing and erasing data? If there was a breach, do you know how you would solve the problem? Our passion is to serve and educate our clients and make sure their data is safe from unintended access or disaster. Every industry is increasing the … READ MORE

The most unlikely places

A few weeks ago the people of Oklahoma felt the effects of the state’s largest earthquake on record. As far away as Illinois, people felt the tremors. Not long before that, the people of Washington D.C. were surprised by a little ground shaking of their own that was felt all along the eastern seaboard. The … READ MORE


If you’re like most people, you tend to think that a fire in the workplace is something that happens to other people. After all, you probably aren’t storing fireworks and restaurant grease near an open flame, so why worry? Well, worrying isn’t very productive, but being prepared is responsible business practice, and often just plain … READ MORE

Emergency Planning: Preparation and Communication

Sometimes bad things happen and we have no control over it. Fires, floods, lightening strikes, tornados, hurricanes, theft these are but a few of the disasters that can befall an organization and threaten the very survival of a business. And while we can’t control these types of events, we can control how well prepared we … READ MORE