UV&S Welcomes KC Sales Representative

UV&S is pleased to introduce Erin Falter as the newest member of our sales team.  Erin is based in our Kansas City facility and is focused on the Missouri-side of the metro area. Erin graduated from Baker University in Baldwin City, KS, with a degree in business and spent the last 3 years at her … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Sheila Williams Celebrates 20 Years at UV&S

A conversation with a friend started a 20 year journey for Sheila Williams at UV&S. Planning a move to Hutchinson in 1992, longtime friend Stephanie Pauley asked Sheila how she felt about working in a big hole in the ground. Sheila didn’t think twice, and thus began her two decades (and counting) employment with UV&S. … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Jan Washburn celebrates 25 years with UV&S

It has been said that the only thing constant is change. For Janet Washburn, it was a change that brought her to UV&S 25 years ago this month – and the change hasn’t stopped since. When UV&S purchased Micro Security, a micrographics service company in 1987, one of the benefits of the purchase was adding … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Welcome to UV&S Lois Herrmann

Underground Vaults & Storage welcomes Lois Herrmann to our Louisville, KY facility as a Sales Representative for Kentucky and Indiana. Lois was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Bardstown Kentucky as a child. She fell in love with the picturesque views of Kentucky and is proud to call it home. She earned her Bachelors of … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Ron Seibel celebrates 30 years with UV&S

Maintenance Supervisor Ron Seibel keeps UV&S running. He’s in charge of keeping all of the forklifts, stockchasers, golf carts, bikes, vans, back-up generators, air conditioners and a lot of other things serviced, repaired and running smoothly. And there are a lot more of just about all of those things than there were when he started … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Mike Sipe celebrates 20 years with UV&S

Mike Sipe, Facility Manager at our Louisville, KY location, was fresh out of the Navy and looking for a job when his parents mentioned a family friend who worked at Underground Vaults & Storage. They said she must like working there, as she had been doing it for 22 years. He applied for a job … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Kathy Burroughs celebrates 25 years with UV&S

When accounts receivable clerk Kathy Burroughs first started at Underground Vaults & Storage all of the invoices were still typed by hand. Her first paycheck was in the first computer-generated payroll. UV&S has grown a lot since then, and the types of materials clients store in the mine have began a major shift from hard … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: 20 years with UV&S Larry Carter

To Larry Carter, it seems like only yesterday he got out of the Air Force. Now he’s celebrating his 20-year anniversary with UV&S. Facility Manager for our Topeka office, Larry enjoys the fact that his job allows him the opportunity to talk and work with a wide variety of people in different industries and with … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Ranea Henderson celebrates 20 years with UV&S

Supervisor Ranea Henderson really loves her clients. Working in the Secure Private Vaults, Ranea and her team are the only people that deal with her clientʼs records and she enjoys the one-on-one relationships that come with the job. Every day is something new, and our clients are really wonderful people, Ranea says. They trust us … READ MORE

Employee Spotlight: Robin Krieg Celebrates 25 years with UVS

After spending 25 years with the same company, you might not expect someone to be infectiously polite and happy, but that’s exactly what you get from Robin Krieg. As the receptionist in the mine and billing clerk, Robin loves that she gets to talk with the customers every day. And in the context of the … READ MORE