A reminder of the importance of secure storage

We recently posted about the secure storage of valuable baseball cards. A recent story in the Salina Journal brought the issue of secure storage front and center. A break-in at a Salina storage unit resulted in one person being robbed of “a collection of about 15,000 football, baseball and basketball cards valued at $3,000, and … READ MORE

A hotdog at a ballgame beats a roast beef at the Ritz

There were plenty of heroes in this year’s World Series, and that has us thinking about baseball cards. A few superstar players may see their card stock rise after an exciting seven-game nail biter. Congratulations to the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Many may not know that baseball cards are one of the more unique … READ MORE

Irreplaceable Things

Insurance can be a real lifesaver when something is stolen, lost or destroyed, but there are things that can be lost that can’t be replaced with a fat insurance check. The movies would have us think that it takes grappling hooks, pulleys and an acrobatic romp through a laser grid to make off with priceless … READ MORE