Identity Theft – What are you doing to prevent it?

Make Your Employees Your First Line of Defense Every year, millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. In fact thieves steal billions from the people and companies they prey upon. Identity thieves change tactics so we need to stay informed and protect the information that we collect. Regardless of your industry, there are laws … READ MORE

Data Security – Understanding Threats and Implementing Protection

Do you know if your data is secure? How are you managing and erasing data? If there was a breach, do you know how you would solve the problem? Our passion is to serve and educate our clients and make sure their data is safe from unintended access or disaster. Every industry is increasing the … READ MORE

Concergent IT, a division of UV&S

Underground Vaults & Storage has had a close partnership with Concergent IT for several years and acquired the company in May 2016. This acquisition added to and expanded the digital services we provide to our clients. We offer four main areas of service: Data Center Services, Managed IT Services, Professional IT Services and Hardware and … READ MORE


CONCERGENT IT HIRES NEW SALES ACCOUNT MANAGERS Concergent IT, A division of Underground Vaults & Storage, Inc. has announced the hiring of Andy Snyder and Barbara Holt, both to serve as Sales Account Managers. Snyder comes to Concergent IT with a varied business-to-business sales background in technology services.  Most recently, Snyder was the senior account … READ MORE

UV&S can take care of your digital backup needs

Making sure your corporate records are safe is stressful enough…add the responsibility of securing your digital files and the potential for sleepless nights increases even more. With all the choices in the marketplace, you can take comfort in knowing the company trusted for over 50 years to manage paper records is the same company you … READ MORE

Security and the Small Business

Not that long ago, small business security meant locking the front door on the way out. Times have changed, and small business owners find themselves needing to address the security of not only their physical property, but also their intellectual property and everything in between. Some small business owners still believe that they don’t need … READ MORE

The myth of the paperless office

The paperless office is a little bit like Bigfoot. A friend of a friend may have heard about someone who swears they have seen one, and there might be a grainy video on YouTube about it, but there is little verifiable evidence to be found on the phenomena. But didn’t all the futurists of yesteryear … READ MORE