Identity Theft – What are you doing to prevent it?

Make Your Employees Your First Line of Defense Every year, millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. In fact thieves steal billions from the people and companies they prey upon. Identity thieves change tactics so we need to stay informed and protect the information that we collect. Regardless of your industry, there are laws … READ MORE


UV&S congratulates Jennifer Coker on becoming a Certified Records Manager (CRM). Jennifer is the Training/Safety Specialist and works in the corporate office. She has been with UV&S for several years and the new certification will allow UV&S to provide another special service to our clients. Jennifer now has a strong foundation in all aspects of … READ MORE


In 2009, as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act was passed.  It is more commonly known as the HITECH Act.  The bill was introduced to increase the use to Electronic Health Records (EHR) and to make HIPPA carry more weight.  The Act … READ MORE

Red Flag Rule

In December 2010 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) added the Red Flag Rule to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). Congress had charged the FTC with developing regulations to help combat Identity Theft.  The rule requires creditors to address the risks of Identity Theft within their organization and create a program to detect … READ MORE

Time to prepare your 2011 business records for storage

Tis the season to be jolly………..NO, WAIT…..that season has passed. Tis the season to start preparing your 2011 business records for proper storage. Although this is not one of our favorite things to do each year (and there is no catchy song to go with it), it is something we should all do to assure … READ MORE

The cost of improper data disposal

Companies that collect sensitive personal information have a legal duty to keep that information secure and to dispose of it properly. Not upholding that duty has serious consequences as evidenced by a $1,000,000 fine levied on one company by the HHS and FTC. Unfortunately failing to dispose of information sensitive material in the correct way … READ MORE

How long?

How long do you need to keep old records? Well, it varies. There are the fairly standard IRS rules to live by, but some industries have additional guidelines and regulations. Some feel that the best answer is to keep everything forever. Because of space and legal issues, this causes more problems and should be avoided. … READ MORE

Security and the Small Business

Not that long ago, small business security meant locking the front door on the way out. Times have changed, and small business owners find themselves needing to address the security of not only their physical property, but also their intellectual property and everything in between. Some small business owners still believe that they don’t need … READ MORE

Curbing the cost of compliance

The conversion to electronic medical records (EMR) has a lot of businesses scrambling to maintain compliance and not just healthcare organizations, but their business partners as well. But what a lot of these organizations don’t realize is that not all medical records need to be transferred to electronic format, particularly older records. And there is … READ MORE