Kansas City Here We Come!!

Next week is the Kansas Register of Deeds Seminar at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City and we are packing up to exhibit. The ROD’s in Kansas take records management & security very serious and we will be there to help make that happen for them. Stop by to visit with Dennis Friedl at … READ MORE

A reminder of the importance of secure storage

We recently posted about the secure storage of valuable baseball cards. A recent story in the Salina Journal brought the issue of secure storage front and center. A break-in at a Salina storage unit resulted in one person being robbed of “a collection of about 15,000 football, baseball and basketball cards valued at $3,000, and … READ MORE

A hotdog at a ballgame beats a roast beef at the Ritz

There were plenty of heroes in this year’s World Series, and that has us thinking about baseball cards. A few superstar players may see their card stock rise after an exciting seven-game nail biter. Congratulations to the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Many may not know that baseball cards are one of the more unique … READ MORE

When conversion is too costly

Digital records make life easier, no doubt about it. But nearly all businesses still deal with records that aren’t digital, and contrary to popular belief, scanning paper documents can cost much more than simply storing them, both short and long-term. It is estimated that 90% of the world’s data bank still exists on 1/2 open … READ MORE

Take advantage of National Preparedness Month

Preparedness is something we take very seriously. Day in and day out, our team’s major focus is on keeping the many critical documents, files and artifacts that we store safe so that our clients are prepared for the worst. We think preparedness is important and, apparently, we are not alone: President Obama has proclaimed September … READ MORE

Four Critical Factors for Document Preservation

You’re probably not storing the original document of the Magna Carta or The Declaration of Independence, but the same basic principles that keep these historic pages from crumbling to dust apply to preserving your own important records. The four major factors that contribute significantly to the breakdown of materials are temperature, relative humidity, light and … READ MORE

The myth of the paperless office

The paperless office is a little bit like Bigfoot. A friend of a friend may have heard about someone who swears they have seen one, and there might be a grainy video on YouTube about it, but there is little verifiable evidence to be found on the phenomena. But didn’t all the futurists of yesteryear … READ MORE

Top five business reasons for off-site storage

The reasons to store records off-site are many in number and vary from industry to industry. However, there are some basic reasons that every organization should consider that directly impact productivity and profitability. Here are five main reasons to include off-site storage in your records management strategy: 5. Save valuable office space Maybe you need … READ MORE

Standing the test of time

The practice of storing things underground goes back as far as the earliest records of civilization. In fact, much of the information we have uncovered about these early cultures has survived through the ages because it was buried. From the Egyptian pharaohs to the caretakers of sacred religious texts to modern dictators hoarding stolen artifacts … READ MORE